20 Thrift Store Shopping Tips

20 Thrift Store Shopping Tips

A few years ago, my best friend introduced me to thrift shopping. At first, I thought what most people think about shopping at a place with used merchandise but I was wrong. Thrift stores are not stores that only sell old and used things but what really is a place where you can buy unique and valuable items at a low price and sometimes you can even find new items that can be very costly for a good price. 

There are many different types of thrift stores, there are big known national brands like the goodwill and the salvation army and then there are the smaller more unique ones that you can find in your area.

So why shop at a thrift store? Well if you are like me and like bargains then there goes one reason, another reason is that you can find brand name items, and also you can find unique and vintage items. Here are some simple tips to help you thrift shop, whether you are new or if you might need more tips.

  1. Go with a friend or someone you enjoy shopping with. That other person can spot things that you might have missed.
  2. Use comfortable attire. For some people, thrift shopping can take many hours or even an entire day. You also want to wear clothing that makes it easy for you to try the ones in the store on top. Most places do not have fitting rooms. For me, a tank top, legging, and sneakers work. 
  3. Bring your own bag, most places do not provide shopping bags or you have to purchase one.
  4. Research a few stores near you or ask friends who might know of some. My friend was the one who told me about most of the ones I go to.
  5. Mondays are one of the best days to go because they usually put out new merchandise and also have more discounts. But check with your local thrift stores because they can also have a discount on other days.
  6. Shop by color, in most stores like goodwill, they have a color of the week which can be discounted up to 50%. Make sure to look for the color of the week or ask an employee.
  7. Look out for sales and coupons. Most places like goodwill have promotions at different times of the year. Sign up for their email list to learn of the sales going on at the time.
  8. Download the app if they have one. You can get rewards and coupons, and also find their other locations.
  9. Be careful with what you buy. I don’t think buying used underwear is such a good thing, also be cautions buying furniture especially the ones with upholstery(these can hide bedbugs which is a pain to get rid of as well as costly)
  10. Have your phone fully charged in case you need to look at the store app or order a cab after all the shopping you have been doing. Also, most of these places tend to have bad reception and your phone searching for a signal can drain the batteries.
  11.  Don’t go by the size, most sizes can run either too big or small. This is why is important to try it on. 
  12. Make sure you use your strength and search well, there is a lot to find if you dig deeper into the piles
  13. Keep an eye on the store employees. They are usually bringing new merchandise into the floor, some that you might not want to miss.
  14. Double-check your items, especially clothing. You want to make sure that is not broken or that is in good condition. 
  15. Look in all departments, you can find things for yourself in other sections.  I have small feet so I have found shoes in the children’s section. 
  16. Do not leave your finds behind, be aware of your shopping cart. Someone else can spot something nice in there.
  17. Wash/disinfect what you purchased. Remember most are secondhand and also other people have been touching it.
  18.  Have patience, you can’t be in a rush if you expect to find some good things.
  19. Don’t get disappointed, you are not always going to find a good item but eventually, you will find a good item that you will be happy with and can brag about.
  20. Have fun!

Thanks for reading! stay tuned for my follow up thrift store adventures.

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