My Argan Oil Obession

During one of my many trips to TJ maxx, one of my favorite stores I  discovered argan oil. I was browsing through the beauty and body aisle, I remembered that I needed coconut oil which I used for many different things. I did not find any coconut oil but I kept looking at other things and I stumbled upon one of the best things that have happened to me, Argan Oil. I heard about it and seen it before but never paid attention to it. I picked a bottle of a random brand and read the benefits of it and how it was also 100 % pure and organic just like the coconut oils I have used. I decided to give it a try and bought it.

Argan oil has changed my beauty game for the best. Now, don’t get me wrong I still love my coconut oil and I use it frequently. Argan oil has become my favorite multi-use beauty product. When I got home after carefully reading the label AGAIN, I did a test and applied it on my knees. I recommend you do this with most beauty and body products that you have not used before. The reason for doing this is to make sure you are not allergic to the product, NEVER try it on your face first. So I applied the oil on my knee because it is a place I can hide in case things went wrong, After a few minutes I did not notice anything bad happening to my skin and then gave it a try on the places the bottle mentioned. I put a small amount on my face and all over my body, I started to do this every day after I showered.

Argan oil is very greasy, after all, it is an oil.  I do not recommend it if you have oily skin but you can always try and see for yourself. I have very dry skin and that’s one of the reasons why it works for me. The argan oils that I have tried are organic and do not have any scent besides its natural nutty one, which my niece says smells like cheese, and for that reason, she doesn’t care for it but to me, it smells just fine. So why do I like this oil so much? well, it’s hydrating, a good moisturizer has good fatty acids and it absorbs quickly.

How I use this all in one miracle oil:

  • Face- apply after washing my face, one pump it’s enough for me. 
  • Body- because of my dry skin, I apply it all over my body including my very dry spots like my feet and elbows
  • Nails- after the nail salon or doing my own nails, I apply on my cuticles to soften
  • Hair- I have dry hair and scalp so I use it on my scalp before washing to eliminate flakes  and I use it on my hair to moisturize and tame my curls 

So now you know why I am obsessed with this oil and I tell you, It has definitely help improve my dry skin and it has also helped me save money on other products. Below its the one I like to use:


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