Hola! I am Wendy, A Dominican girl who went from living in the countryside of the Dominican Republic to living in the concrete jungle that is New York City. Spending the first few years of my childhood in the Dominican Republic, I am able to carry on my culture and make it part of my daily life. Living in New York City has made me the person I am today, someone who lives a fast-paced life and it’s always looking for something better which for the most part I have.

I have been working as an educator, mainly focusing on reproductive health. Educating can sometimes be challenging but not more than the challenges I have to deal with in my daily life with two chronic illnesses. But despite my personal battles, there is more to Wendy that I want to share. I consider myself a modern woman and growing up and living in New York I have learned ways to survive here and I am always looking for solutions to make city living easier, affordable, and enjoyable.