My Affordable Spring Decoration

Spring is here and so Am I! It has been a while since I posted anything, the past year has been one hell of a year with everything going on around the world but spring is here, and let's hope for new beginnings. I am excited to see the trees bloom, the snowmelt, and the weather getting warmer and with all this excitement I have decided to do my spring cleaning early, and at the same time, I did some shopping both in stores and around my house. I am not an interior decorator but I wanted to add a few things to brighten up my apartment and it worked.

The color yellow caught my attention, it is one of the most luminous of the colors and it reminds me of sunshine and spring, Since this color is so bright I decided to add some blue to cool it down a bit. As you might have learned from my other post, I like to shop on a budget. Most of the items I bought were from the discount store, I am going to point out a few of these items.

This is my dining area, I don't always like tablecloths so I decide to just use a runner and I found this blue one that I was able to pair with the woven placemats and tray, Both the placemats and tray are easy to remove if I need to clear the table. I found the blue vase at home and I wrapped it with the string that was holding the placemats together and I liked the turnout

  1. Table Runner- Homegoods $9.99
  2. Tray- Homegoods $7.99
  3. Placemats- Homegoods 6 for $5.99
  4. Blue Vase- Found at home
  5. Faux White Flowers- Discount Store $1.49 each

This area of my apartment is where I spend most of my time and I like to keep it clutter-free and simple, of course, that is when I don't have remote controls or game controllers on top of the coffee table. The yellow gives my plain walls and dark sofas some life. The tray on the coffee table I always change with seasonal Items, even though I don't like the faux flower they are inexpensive and can be reused, and the throw is because it is still cold outside.

  1. Throw pillow cover, set of 2- Amazon $17.99
  2. Throw Blanket- Discount Store $10.00
  3. White Vases and Butterfly candleholders were gifts
  4. Faux Tulips I had from last Summer decoration

I hope you liked my easy and affordable spring decoration!

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