Thrift Store Fashion Finds For The Fall

With the Covid-19 Pandemic, there was nothing much to do and I have been avoiding many places. But one place I couldn’t avoid, of course with precaution was the thrift store. I visited the thrift store and was able to put together some early fall outfits with Items that I purchased, I will point those Items out. I am not a stylist or model but I tried and it also helps to have a friend who is actually a model with a camera. I was able to get the suggested retail prices for one of the Items below.

  • Coach Leather Bag- MSRP $296 Thrift Store Price- $20.00
  • Black and Red Plaid Shirt- Thrift Store Price $6.00
  • Sunflower Sun Dress- Thrift Store Price- $12.00
  • Plaid Mini Skirt- Thrift Store Price-$8.00


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