What I learned The First Six Months Of Being Married

Being married to the person you love is a great feeling but it is not always fun and games. Transitioning from being a single girl in the city to becoming a wife and being with someone you have to share your life with is not as easy as it might seem. Here are some of the things I learned during my first 6 months of marriage.

  1. Take your marriage seriously– you both made the decision to get married and now you have to respect and trust each other, it is now the two of you and you are no longer single.
  2. Don’t compare– I learned that all marriages/partnerships are not the same, your marriage should not be like everyone else and will not. 
  3. Patience– I had to learn to have patience, I am one of those people who have very little and this is certainly something you need to have to be able to live with someone.
  4. Compromise– This is something that you have to do a lot of. I was use to making my own decisions but in a marriage you need to consider the other person needs and wants
  5. Good Communication– I am not talking about the communication skills you need to get a job. I am talking about clearly communicating your needs and wants, then compromise like I mentioned above. Here are some things that needs to be communicated early in the relationship:
  • Kids- is this something that you both want and when do you want to have them?
  • Finances- communicate how bills will be shared/ savings account and future financial plans
  • Sex-  Sex is not an obligation just because you are married does not mean it has to happen at all times, but ofcourse it’s something healthy for the relationship. It is also important to communicate to your partner what you like and don’t like for a better sex life.
  1. Support and encourage each other – It Is important to support each other no matter how big or small. Support their dreams,hobbies, ect
  2. Don’t act like each other’s parents– I married my partner not my parents and it’s very annoying to have someone act like they are your parents by telling you what to do and treat you like a child.
  3. Spend quality time with each other – no matter how busy life gets, try to spend some time together alone. This helps keep the romance alive and also lets you learn more about each other. 
  4. Take some time alone– even though it is good and healthy to spend time together, it is also good to spend time alone. This gives each other time to do the things you like, that your partner might not and it’s also good to have time for yourself and spend with other people like family and friends. 
  5. Ride the waves– sometimes things can get complicated and there might be obstacles along the way but learn to tackle them together and try not to give up.

Lastly, enjoy your marriage and have fun!

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